Civilization is the logic, institutions, and physical apparatus of domestication, control, and domination. For 10,000 years this Earth and all of the beings upon it have been tortured with the cancer that is civilization as it has marked its destruction and exploitation upon every living being. Deforestation, oceanic dead zones, habitat destruction, the collapse of ecosystems among other things mark the ecocidal role that this system plays while we face the intensity of things such as warfare, genocide, slavery, and hierarchy with this systems "progress". For millions of years, the human species lived the nomadic foraging way of life, a way of life that is contrary to what we face now, one marked by ecological sustainability and primal anarchy. It is only within the last 10,000 years that the development of agriculture and then civilization changed this as the problems that we face now originated. Now as we face the ends of the resources this system depends on, of oil, steel, iron, copper, etc, and the ends of the Earth, we face collapse.

This site is meant to serve as a resource for works that run counter to the system known as civilization and its progress (forward death march of civilization). The goal is for this to serve as a library for green anarchist, anarcho-primitivist, as well as other anti-civilization works that critique this death-culture, and what it brings, as well as works that examine the origins of it. As green anarchists we are interested in understanding the unsustainable nature of this system as well as the hierarchical tendencies which it necessitates. Works of ecology, and anthropology among other fields of science will be posted along with people's work who aren't necessarily anti-civilization but who's work is complimentary towards anti-civilization thought in showing what this system does, as well as understanding how foragers live/d.

This site is meant to be complimentary to the other resources out there that provide anti-civ materials, many of which can be found in the links section.

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