Revolution Of The Whole Body

John Moore: A Revolution of the Whole Body


Revolutionary theory is now
the enemy of all
revolutionary ideology
and knows it

Revolutionary theory is now (as ever
the enemy of all
Revolutionary theory is now (as ever
the enemy of all

In a subject posing as revolutionary
theory is a despotism
everyone should recognise this

Revolutionary theory: (Theory, Greek qeouria,
not the negation of the spectacle a beholding, contemplation,
but its realisation speculation; qeouroz, a
in the spectacular conceptualisation of revolt spectator

a falsehood, a counterfeit
a jargon of deceit
a calculus of abstraction
the enemy of all
and knows it

Revolutionary theory, revolutionary ideology:
mind-forg'd manacles
fettering palpitating flesh -
the enemy of living revolution
and knows it

moves me
or interests me
except what addresses itself
directly to my body

Living revolution:
a revolution of magic and anatomical metamorphosis

not entering a new world
but leaving a false world

the realisation of a new, living and liberated body


gesture sound
rhythm movement

an elimination of conceptual thought (If you can only
rid yourselves of conceptual thought,
you will have accomplished everything
(Huang Po

a transformation of consciousness
a direct nonconceptual experience of reality
rooted in the perpetual moment of instant anarchy

a shattering of language (It is not a case of
abolishing the articulated word,
but of giving words
something of the importance
which they have in dreams

a disassembly of the human body
and its visionary reconstitution
as an autonomous entity
emptied of contents
but replete with
the fullness of the void

a dismantlement of all
ideologies systems doctrines parties
in a total revolution against power
in all its guises

Anarchy now!
realised (not by revolutionary theory, revolutionary ideology but through

gesture sound
rhythm movement

screams of refusal and negation
cries of affirmation and ecstasy

pointing grimacing beckoning scowling applauding grinning
howling grunting moaning wailing sighing shrieking
fluttering undulating throbbing vibrating whirling pulsating
lunging leaping capering gambolling spinning balancing

blood mucous tears piss shit cum

(birth pleasure pain death
transmutative immutability
partaken without
attachment or indifference

a re-embodiment realised through physical revolution
expressing the urges
underlying, preceding and disfigured
by words
but experienced through

gesture sound
rhythm movement

A convulsive flailing dancing reinhabited body (Beauty will be convulsive
or will not be at all

and yet a still tranquil composed attentive body (Find the silence
which contains thoughts

An insurrectional body
in open daily revolt
against the totality of power


A total revolution:
a (revolution of the whole body
without which nothing can be changed
a (true organic and physical
transformation of the whole body
a remaking of the body through anotomical metamorphosis
a regrounding in the energies seated in the depths of the belly

A revolution of the whole body
against Abstract Man
and totalitarian manegerial
domination and control systems

revolutionary theory and revolutionary ideology
the enemy of all
and knows it

'lifelong learning'
the State
deployment of education
to manufacture
social discipline
flexible productive capacities
consumer identities
and generate revenue

the digital counter-revolution
the cybernetic encodement
of human personality
as data
in the
of virtual reality

A total revolution of the whole body
(the anatomical order
on which the existence
as well as the duration
of actual society is based

The great unlearning:
a spewing up of guts
a shitting out of innards
a disgorging of socio-economic order
a purging of renunciation
an evacuation of abstraction and control

A stripping away of non-being


gesture sound
rhythm movement

until the
ordinary marvellousness
and the
marvellous ordinariness
universal chaos
the gateless gate

Published in Green Anarchist #64-65, Summer 2001

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