Pacifism As A Deterrant To Peace

Pacifism as a Deterrant to Peace
from Species Traitor #2

Nowadays, the banner of ‘Peace’ covers the sheer cowardice of the ‘movement’. The pacifistic mindsets which confuse ought with is could serve to be the greatest detriment to the actual achievement of peace.
It seems the ‘progressive communities’ (and even some self proclaimed ‘radicals’), have confused peace, as a time in which no war is occurring, with the system’s official definitions of peace, as a period in which no war is officially declared (which tends to be more narrowed in even more by pertaining to only that systems’ involvement). The result ends in a complete exemption from conflict as opposed to fighting for the end goal of peace. This isn’t to say the entire ‘peace movement’ disregards unofficial warring acts (strategic military offenses) as a state of peace, but to critique the ‘movements’ armor of pacifism.
The long held catchphrase that violence begets more violence has become a clearer indication at the level of self removal that the ‘peace movement’ currently holds. The fact that those involved can refrain from health or life threatening confrontation does not question the warring ideology of civilization, it merely mirrors the very stratification which makes allowances for such ideologies.
As long as there is civilization, there is always war. There will always be a continuous effort on the part of the civilization to control every aspect of life and to wipe out all alternate ways of being. This is inherently a thorough assault on nature and it’s communities since civilization spreads from anthropocentrism. This separation put into practice is a declaration of war, it is saying this is how we will exist at all costs. The abolition of this ideology and practice will be the only true peace.
The ‘peace movement’ also suffers mass delusion in confusing violence with war. ‘Violence’ has been redefined as any action which inflicts pain on others. This is something that will always be inherent in life. The community of life requires this kind of ‘violence’ in order to sustain and enrich itself. It is perfectly natural for these things to happen. The violence that is problematic is the systematic violence that is required by civilization. The violence that flows from the ideologies of the totality are the physical acts that constitute war. Individual acts of pain and death for the community of life should never be confused with this.
It is with this that the ‘peace movement’ should stay out of the hollow shell of pacifism nad be willing to defend the community of life which is peace. It is personal and it is universal.
We can no longer separate from the war of civilization and its systematic violence and seep into the comforts that it provided. We should embrace the rage and passions that connects to the community of life. It is from this that we can reemerge to fight for what it is in our hearts to do.
We must break the ideological taboos placed before us by civilization and fight by whatever means necessary for the sake of our lives, our future, and our community of life.
-Kevin Tucker.

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