One Wouldn T Buy In

One wouldn't buy in
by John Zerzan

I see in the eyes of Ted Kaczynski a sorrow reflecting what we have lost. A profound magnitude of loss, consisting of growing personal desolation, the disappearance of community, destruction of the natural world. It really is this devastating, and getting worse by the day. Kaczynski's betrayal (and of course his "guilt" is unproved) at the hands of his own brother reminds us that pacifism, in its smug cowardice, is always, at base, the defender of what is. But the Megamachine has not yet eradicated all resistance, all capacity to think against the grain of the techno-nightmare. And at the very least we have seen the courage and honor of one who would not buy into this fraudulent society, who fought the Brave New World with pen and sword.

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