Fatal Flaw

Fatal Flaw
from Species Traitor #3

To walk upon the Earth is to walk upon the graves of our ancestors.
We would believe that this is a thing of disrespect:
This could not be further from the truth.

The Civilized human has forgotten the greatest part of
him or herself.
When we think of necessary functions; brain, lungs, and hearts come to mind,
but short of that we are apparently nothing.

Of course, there are always the oxygen and carbon dioxide conversions,
But the scientists have left them off as just that,
conversions : equations.
We are simply chemistry: fruits of Reason.

To deny the forests as our lungs,
The rivers as our veins,
The air as our hearts,
And the wildness as our brains:
Is to deny our true selves.

The Civilized human walks as a shadow of the real human.
The domesticate is really the half dead,
for s/he has denied the majority of their own body is theirs.

Instead they grant the miracle of life to the synthetic
We have already become cyborgs.

We think of Technology as our Iron Lung,
Industrialism as our veins,
Progress as our hearts,
and Capital as our brains:
the Spirit of Reason has engulfed our being.

We, having denied our being, put our faith in the Future,
a Technological-Industrial Utopia:
the half dead awaiting life.

We forgot that life is a cycle,
life is now and it ends for all of us.
Our decayed corpses will flourish life for generations well beyond our imagination.
This is one thing we know for sure,
yet we continually hold out.
We deny life, and thus deny death.

Our legacy will only end in sorrow,
the void of corpses looking no more satisfied in death as
in life.
Those who neglected the problem before their eyes:

-Kevin Tucker

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