from Green Anarchy #12

The needle moves inside the vein,
piercing the skin, sliding into the artery.

The blood flows around it,
and is extracted into the tube
filled with the boiled down mixture:
part escapism, part desperation,
the mixture of misery
and loneliness,
: the search.

The finger pushes down,
releasing full force into the lifeblood
what takes the place of
: broken dreams.

His eyes roll back,
the relief is moving through her body,
the lust for life subsides
: this is the death of dreams.


Around this body,
this frightened and confused soul,
is a box:
four walls, a ceiling and a floor.

The box is a box within a box.
The whole world of this soul
is enslaved: without bars,
: without knowing.

But the soul knows something is there.
Bars surround, and the soul knows.

The box within a box within a box
is a distraction: a contortion.
This is what the soul knows
: without knowing.

The soul searches for a way out,
But is misguided by what
it is told,
: buried in the Future
of the box builders.


I can’t say I know
what he felt,
as she injected
a syringe full of lost hope
into the desperate veins,
of the tattered soul.

I know the box,
I know the builders,
I know what the soul
was told,

for the message is
It seeks to destroy
dreams, hopes:
: possibilities.

The boiled down
mixture of crying,
fear, confusion, lust,
desire, angst, and love,
is just what
happens to those who
don’t share the
: (implanted)
: -in the eyes of the builders.


The message is built into
our minds,
from birth
to death.

To the builders,
death is to be eliminated.
The builders build
so that they will exist
: forever.

It pushes down
the dreamers,
so that they will
build for the builders.
It destroys the dreamers
by creating “Forever”.


The builders think
only of “Futures.”
: They fear life,
because life has
beauty in the moment,
and all moments end.

The dreamers dream,
but the dream is not
separate. It is
: lived.
The dreamers find a
world of possibilities,
and exist as is.

The builders have
lost their ability
to dream, and so
they search the
: “Universe” for

The search does not
: end at thought, but
is carried out.
It builds space ships,
satellites, pyramids,
: Twin Towers.


He is in another
world now, searching
through a field of
: pills, sitcoms,
: ten-point programs, school,
: : excess…

She is hoping
to find something,
: anything,
to believe in,
because, to them, there is
nothing left in
this world.
: (now covered
: with concrete,
: towers, steel,
: plastic….)

The escape flows
through the veins,
the sacred body,
: : soul,
has been violated.

The eyes roll back,
the body convulses,
: : seeking
: something.


The stories
he was once told, moved
through healthy forests,
: (thicker than imaginable)
under a sky full of passenger pigeons,
surrounded by thick herds of bison,
air that never hurt to breathe,
water that didn’t destroy your
insides as you drank it.

To her, this world
is only a tale,
a Disney movie at best.

He was never that hunter
and she never that gatherer.
Their world is much smaller
than that.

The world they had
heard of, read about,
: : dreamed of:
that place of
: possibilities and life
is not here for them.

The builders have
: convinced them
that there is no place for
dreams in “real life.”


The builders buried their chance,
: long ago.
They started building by
pushing tools into the soil
: (the flesh of the earth)
manipulating, altering,
: taming…

The builders came from
millions of years
of being an evolutionary,
: ecological being:
a part of the community of life
: (dreamers).

It’s hard to say
why they began digging,
pushing, developing,
: owning,
: : enslaving…
but we are left with
this, their legacy,
: their Future.


The search for life, dreams,
ends in tragedy,
: only to be mocked
by the professional destroyers.

They make movies, sitcoms,
internets, entertainment.

Our pain, our death,
: is all potential profit.
We bond to share an
experience, this experience.
: We desperately seek
each other,
and with all the high tech gadgets,
we grab nothing but emptiness
: with the mild sense of hope…


The eyes roll back,
the fists move,
the anger is unleashed,
: the stranger has just left
the scene, leaving only a
body count…
: : the professionals are left
: to piece together
: : the ‘real life’ tragedy.

they are only a part of the problem


The builders start a new thing:
: : work.
They are now engineers, leaders,
: politicians, bosses, owners.
To build an efficient Future,
they must dedicate themselves full time.

They start thinking further ahead,
: : “If not now, when?”
anything is possible, so they will do
: anything
: to ensure that they aren’t effected:
removed, secluded, untouchable: Immortal.

What they build are pyramids,
monuments to themselves.
And they crown themselves
and each other, craft
: Ideologies, Empires, Philosophy.
All things, all distractions.

The dreamers are a
potential for labor.
There’s no benefit in
: “allowing”
them to carry on as they were.

They create slavery,
: they create slaves,
they justify slavery,
they convince us that it is good,
: except this time they call it:
individualism, freedom, quality of life,
: they call this dreams.


The builders did more than
just plant instead of forage.
They created a new being,
: they tried to stop the world in its tracks and create a new thing. hierarchies form, property is created, linear is emerging, life is being pushed aside for Future.
: lines are put across the planet, and militaries are created to enforce them. we stop being one, and the world is against us. we fear, we make laws, we enforce them, we go to war, we make steel tools, weapons, and we don’t stop. we don’t learn, we tear apart this planet, our home. it starts here.

it continues:
: nations are drawn up and invaded, peoples trying to live are buried up to their head in the sand, and a game is made of kicking them off. whole tribes are torn from each other and their home, they are overcrowded on ships and sent over to be cheaper slaves, auctioned off, legalized, illegalized (read: renamed), and sacrificed.
: cities are built, people pushed together so close that they have nothing left of them-selves anymore. it drives a dreamer crazy, but the craziness is actually considered sanity and all the “loose ends” are tidied up. it is gift wrapped and sold and exchanged and taught to say “thank you” and “appreciate” when something “good” is done.
: morals, manners, lessons, ethics: all fancy names for obedience, law and order.

Never mind millions of years,
never mind the millions of years humans have:
co-existed and dreamed and embraced chaos without annihilating each other, or enslaving, or oppressing, or creating systems, governments, cities, agriculture, fences, schools, roads, railroads, bikes, jobs, factories, and all that other “greatness” that comes with civilization.

: : nevermind the dreams…


He injects the hope,
she snorts her dreams,
he stops eating
: because he thinks he looks fat,
she is suffering from liver damage,
he collapsed coming home from work,
she has breast cancer,
he can’t sleep anymore,
she can’t take it,
and he beat her
because he can’t take it either.
She is locked up
because her searching wasn’t
the right option
: …in the eyes of the builders.

She knows he is dying,
and she doesn’t know what to do about it.
He is confident that her options
are the best.

They are convinced that they
are happy.
So they roll their joy
up and burn it into their lungs,
while their dream world is
burned into their brain,
through their eyes, ears, veins…

He doesn’t even hear
the hum of machines any more,
and she plays music full blast
because it’s too quiet.

: they grasp on and ride full speed,


The fate of the builders’ Future
is not hard to imagine.
They can erode our
dreams, and push us into History,
: but we can see where their
: story (the anti-myth) ends.

It has happened before,
and it will happen again,
because the builders
aren’t capable of stopping,
: or wondering, or being,
they push along,
pushing all of us along.

: there is an inherent flaw in civilization, and that has brought it down before and will again. the builders think that they can remove themselves from wildness, our true being. they think because they are capable of manipulation, that it will last.
: they put up fences, maintain roads, rake leaves, mow laws, put up buildings, pull out weeds…but wildness does not stop. it knows no Time, no Future, no Boundaries, and it will continue to seep through the cracks and destroy the monuments and empires.

the silt that brought life to
the (once) Fertile Crescent
: (cradle of civilization)
sustained in ways that
no Science or ‘Management’
could ever reproduce.

the Mesopotamians thought
it could last forever,
and so they built, dammed,
: ordered and directed
the flow of the tributaries of the great Nile,
: just as the hundreds of dams
: infecting the veins of the earth do now.
Their empires grew and fell,
and the soil gave way.
It seems Science and Reason
can never replicate ‘Nature,’
because it has lost the
: : sacred
: understanding of life.

The domesticated animals
inject their hooves
onto depraved and overgrazed fields.

Their diseases
multiply through their confinement,
carrying on throughout the water
and infect all of us.
: (depraved of all immunity
: by eating chemicals and
: antibiotics, wiping out
: our ability to cleanse
: and balance)

: The cancer spreads rampantly
: : and blindly,
Destroying anything in
: its path.

The forests are cleared
for more grazing land,
the water is destroyed,
the soil no longer produces,
the people starve and revolt,
: power changes hands,
: tightens the leash, and
: eventually crumbles.

This fate is inherent in
: Civilization,
in the attempt to move from wildness.

The collapse is coming
through the ecological excess
through the depravation
: and destruction.


I have felt their
: loss and confusion,
been on their search,
: seen through their Future.

I have been there
as the search for dreams
has ended in another box,
: the coffin.

I have seen the dreamers
: crushed,
for they are around
me, and I am of them,
and I too still search.

I am among
: generations of potential dreamers,
lost to the grinding noise
of civilizations’ death.
: And those who are injecting,
: watching, masturbating,
: plugging in, shooting off,
: drinking and eating it,
are my brother, my sister, my friend,
family, lover, stranger,
: : our planet, our love:
my dreams : my life.

I breathe the toxins
of (union, eco-friendly)
: factories,
I drink the (piss and shit) water
: : of industry,
I eat the (organic) filth
: of agriculture,

I live the death
: : of civilization,
while it devours itself
around and of me.

This world, this burden
: pushed upon me,
is eating me alive.
Killing the dreams of
: children.
Sucking the hope of
: all of us.


This world,
which has taken my birthright,
: my dreams, my life,
and the community my
true being once knew.

I see the slaves
: themselves trying to
fix it,
: while it can never
be fixed, only
: eliminated.


I see a world of dreams,
: possibilities,
that await outside its

I see millions of
dreamers, waiting:
: dying,
for just that one chance
: : to live.

I see this world
: crumbling
and I am told to maintain it,
: : it is my inheritance.
(it : Future, Legacy, Progress, Civilization).

I feel the chance (again) to be
: the human-animal,
to open the gates,
: and I say to the builders,
: to their slow, painful death,
: to their nightmare:

burn motherfucker, burn.

-Kevin Tucker
for mike.

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