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This site is no longer being updated, and was once moved to againstcivilization.tk as some may know but that site was shut down, this will just be the site to tell of what the new site now is in case the newest one gets shut down as seems to be happening. For anyone interested in going to the site that is still being updated and is ad-free, go to green-anarchy.tk

John Zerzan
Twilight of the Machines book
Running on Emptiness
(a much cleaner version then the one previously uploaded)

Brian Morris:
Economy, Affinity and Inter-Cultural Pressure

Susan Kent:
Unstable Households

(both prior uploads reduced in size and OCR'd.)
Chellis Glendinning
Technological Addiction Zine

Bob Black
Anarchy After Leftism Book

John Zerzan
Elements of Refusal (note: this was already uploaded once before but thanks to someone who looks at the site this file is reduced significantly in size down to 18 mb which means you won't have to wait an hour for it to load)

Brian Morris:
Woodland and Village

Brian Morris:
Whither the Savage Mind? Thoughts on the Natural Taxonomies of a Hunting and Gathering People

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